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Tim MackeyTim Mackey

Since his first programming experiments as a youngster on a ZX spectrum in the late 80's, Tim was never going to work at anything else. He just about went to university and grounded his passion for programming with a 4 year degree studying computer systems at University Limerick. This study involved a healthy dose of mathematics, algorithms & analysis, which fine-tuned his problem-solving approach to software and proved very useful in business.

Graduating in 2003 Tim founded Ibenza Software and started developing web sites and applications for local companies and organisations, expanding the business each year with new clients and projects.

Navarro LaerthNavarro Laerth Alves de Brito

Navarro is the first hire for Ibenza and has proved his worth since he hit the ground running in February 2014, contributing energy, dynamism, and youthful flair to the team. Hailing from Brazil, Navarro brings a wealth of experience in Microsoft technologies, too many Microsoft Certifications to mention, and most importantly, experience of working in teams - which is much needed in this former one-man operation. He is a 'dot net' ninja with a can-do attitude and expertise in Windows Phone applications, SQL programming and Asp.Net.

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Page last updated: 15/10/2014