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Does your organisation operate from a mire of Excel files? You need software to support your business, with rules built-in to prevent accidental data loss or corruption. Without this you'll find it increasingly difficult to manage as projects grow in size, or if you have new staff to bring in on the project. Look for off the shelf products, and if they don't fit your requirements, contact us for a bespoke solution.

All the software we develop saves countless hours of staff admin time, where tedious manual (error-prone) processes are replaced by intelligent automated software processes. We use web services, the open internet standard (XML), to enable interaction with other systems. Our platform of choice is Microsoft.Net for applications and Microsoft SQL Server for databases. We have over 12 years of experience developing software for the Web, the Windows desktop environment, and for mobile devices.

If you are interested in discussing requirements for a software system, please get in touch.


Ibenza develops apps on the Android and Windows Phone 7/8 platforms to suit your requirements. If you'd like a demo, please let us know and we can arrange a meeting. Most of our apps are internal business apps not available for public download, but if we do make any killer apps in the future, we'll list them here.


In addition to developing software systems, Ibenza also operates in a consulting capacity for several clients, providing advice on upgrading legacy software as well as building new systems. 

Microsoft.Net Training

In between time spend on development contracts, Ibenza has also delivered in-house training courses on the Microsoft .Net platform for the Irish Local Government Computer Services Board, and other clients.

The training courses can be delivered in C# or VB.Net or both.  Key areas of emphases are ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows Forms and XML Web Services.

If you are interested in training up the software developers in your organisation with .Net, then please contact us.

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Page last updated: 19/09/2013