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Web Manager is our flag-ship product, empowering businesses across Ireland to maintain and develop their web sites, bypassing many of the technical hurdles involved with developing and maintaining a web site.  Web Manager is an ideal choice for managing large Intranets where it is imperative to have consistent formatting and design standards.  It also features a flexible permissions system, which makes it easy to delegate adminsitrative rights throughout the organisation.

As a demonstration of what a Web Manager site can look like, simply browse this site.  Ibenza.com is built and maintained by Web Manager.  Web Manager is a desktop software product, which means it is installed on the PC and users can then log in securely to update the web site.  If your organisation would prefer a web-based solution, please take a look at Maestro.


  • Scalable Content Management
    Web Manager is a scalable solution for content management in a corporate environment. It is particularly suitable in a multi-user environment, where many web-editors would administer various parts of a web site. Permissions can be allocated on a per-page and per-folder basis allowing fine-grained control of an Intranet or Internet web site.

  • Design Consistency
    The use of predefined graphic templates and style-sheets allows web site administrators to enforce design consistency and standardisation of font formatting settings.

  • Ease of Deployment
    Client applications automatically update themselves with any new versions of the application available on the web server. Network administrators may also distribute the installation file (a packaged Microsoft Installer setup file) over a network share. Web Manager has been architected so that client machines require minimal configuration. The main system requirements are the Microsoft .NET Framework, and HTTP (web) access to the web site intended for use with the Web Manager system.
  • Security
    Users of the Web Manager system can password-protect pages and sections to prevent public access. This enables private material to be stored on a public web site, and only accessed by authorised users. 
    Web Manager implements current security best practices to mitigate the ongoing threat posed by hackers.

  • Minimal Staff Training
    It is expected that computer users with good word processing skills will adapt to the Web Manager system with about 30 minutes of training. 

Why Web Manager?

  • A Controlled & Managed Solution
    Building and maintaining a web site need not be an over-burdensome task.  However due to poor management and/or an untrained individual taking charge of a web site, many sites fall into disrepair and become a source of embarassment for a business.  The Web Manager system is fully controlled, ensuring design consistency across the entire site, while still affording flexibility for the web site to grow in whatever direction the business requires. 

  • Maintenance Free
    Businesses and organisations that use Web Manager do not need a resident web developer on-hand to resolve the technical issues that can arise from building an in-house web site.  All the common tasks can be easily accomplished by individuals with basic word processing skills.

  • Ease of use - saves time
    Because Web Manager is so easy to use (you simply click on the page you wish to edit, make the changes, click Save, and the page is instantly updated on the web site), the task of maintaining a web site is greatly simplified, thereby freeing up time for you and/or employees to get on with other important work. 

System Requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.
  • Internet access to the web site you want to manage.
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Page last updated: 19/09/2013