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About Ibenza Software

Ibenza Software is a software business based in Dublin, Ireland.  It was founded in 2003 by Tim Mackey. The team is currently expanding to increase capacity for new projects.

Software development modelsDevelopment Approach

We develop software using a combination of iterative software development techniques, including prototyping and the spiral models, which allow for requirements to develop and fine-tune where necessary during the project development.  This has the advantage for the client of having a functioning version of the system available during the early stages of project development, and allowing greater input and customisation by the client.  Overarching the iterative models, a traditional ‘waterfall’ model will also be used to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.

Our application building philosophy emphasises a minimalist user interface design to reduce screen clutter and make the system easy to use, with as few clicks as possible required to complete each task.

The .Net Advantage

Specialising in the Microsoft.Net platform, along with its tools and technologies, has enabled Ibenza to deliver better, more secure and more stable solutions in a short time. Businesses in Ireland are increasingly requiring that their systems are developed in .Net, and migrated to .Net.  Our "DotNet" expertise is of the longest running in the country, having been involved with the DotNet developer community before Microsoft publicly released the technology in 2002.

See what .Net can do for your business [link to Microsoft Promotional Article].

Mission Statement

  • To develop reliable software systems that meet real business needs.

  • To build quality relationships with clients by conducting business in a trustworthy, efficient and professional manner.

  • To maintain an active presence in the software development community and to further the advancement of software quality in industry.
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Page last updated: 18/08/2014