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Maestro is the name of a content management software product developed by Tim.   It is a web-based system, where users can edit pages "in place" while they browse the web site. It is aimed at small to medium sized businesses and has all the power and features you will need to grow your web site with your business.  The main advantage of this software is that it is very easy to use.

Example Sites

The following web sites are powered by Maestro and will give you an idea of what it can do:

  • EnerInTown.org: Ener-in-Town is a Intelligent Energy Europe project aiming to establish greater control over energy consumption in Municipal buildings
  • AIEA.ie: The Association of Irish Energy Agencies is an all-island body engaging with the Local Authority and communities, promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and the rational use of energy and improving the quality of the environment and contributing to sustainable development.

Live Demo

A live demo is available at http://app3.ibenza.com. To gain administrative access click the security icon in the top right corner, and log in with username admin and password admin.  Then simply use the buttons available to you in the upper right corner to edit pages or add new ones.  Feel free to experiment with the web site, but please use discretion when making changes. 
Disclaimer: since the demo site can be modified by anyone, no responsibility can be taken for its content.


  • Ready to go.  There is no need to download or install software because it is a purely web-based system. 
  • Click > Edit > Save. You simply browse to the page you want to edit, click the edit icon in the top corner (only available to logged in users), make your changes and save. 
  • State-of-the-art security systems are in place to keep your web site safe from hackers. 
  • Built-in page versioning.  Maestro ensures that you never lose any information due to accidental over-writing or accidental deletion of a page.  You can view previous versions of each page, or view a comprehensive revision history detailing all the changes made throughout the lifetime of a page. 
  • Maestro produces accessible content so that all your visitors will be able to use the web site without difficulty.  All web pages in Maestro conform to priority 1 and 2 requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as a minimum.  Accessibility is an increasingly important consideration for organisations in Ireland, as legislation is being brought in to raise awareness and promote higher standards of accessibility in Irish web sites. 
  • Image optimisation ensures that pictures and photos are formatted correctly and resized (where appropriate) for Internet use.
  • You can easily attach documents and files to pages, allowing visitors to view information in non-web formats such as Microsoft Office documents, PDF files etc. 
  • Simple page URLs (Addresses).  The address of a page in Maestro is of the form http://www.yoursite.ie/Services/B2B.  Some content management systems use URLs that are difficult to read and retype, like http://www.yoursite.ie/Content.aspx?SectionID=23&UserID=251&Cookie=Yes.....


Maestro is sold on a per-user per-month basis, so there is no up-front cost associated with the software, and you are free to cancel at any time. 

Software Licensing

Maestro is licensed on a per-user per-month basis.   If you would like to add more users, please email a list of usernames and passwords to  and they will be set up ASAP.   The cost of new users is agreed when the web site is launched.   Please note that there are no limits on the number of pages you can have in your site.

Security and Monitoring

Security is usually one of the concerns for a web site owner.  The web server running your web site is continually updated against the latest security threats, and is also backed up by Antivirus software and a Firewall.  The web server is monitored every 10 minutes from several points around the globe to ensure that your site is available 100% of the time.  In the event of any problems, the system administrator is notified by email and SMS and corrective action will be taken immediately.  Your web site is backed up every day to the server and also to an offsite location for additional redundancy.


If you have any difficulty in using the software, or have any questions relating to operation of the web site, please email

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Page last updated: 19/09/2013