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Cork GPs start to refer patients online - July 2009

The Irish Times newspaper published an article on the GP referal system developed by Ibenza for the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital. The system was developed as a pilot project for one department and has since scaled up to include 16 departments and has 170 GPs registered to use the system. The system is commended in the article and recommended for wider deployment.

Map of Dublin eventsPepperGuides.com - June 2009

Pepper Guides is a new product that supplies hotel websites with a live link to current events in the city. Ibenza was hired to develop the database back-end for records admistration.

Handheld auditing deviceBord Bia Horticulture Audits Go Mobile - July 2009

Bord Bia operates several Quality schemes across the food sector, primarily consisting of field audits of producers and processors for all members of the various schemes. In early 2009 Ibenza was hired to develop a handheld auditing system for the Horticulture Quality Assurance Scheme. The software has successfully completed its pilot stage and has been deployed to the panel of auditors. The transition to an electronic auditing process has created significant cost savings for the client by removing the printing and postage costs involved with the paper-based operation of the scheme.

Screenshot of mapping softwareHarnessing the Power of Google Maps - 1 June 2008

Ibenza has delivered a mapping system for a client to assist with coordinating and optimising large scale deployment of staff and resources around the country.

PDA device photoMobile Software Update - 1 Jan 2008

During 2008 Ibenza has developed and delivered custom mobile solutions on the Windows Mobile platform for PDA devices. One of the mobile applications developed for Bord Bia is used to conduct audits and surveys, with secure transmission of results back to the server over 3G (or Edge/GPRS) directly from the site. The software also utilizes the PDA camera to attach photographic evidence to an audit. The software has proved highly cost effective and has significantly reduced processing time before audit results can be published, and also reduced the risk of human error in comparison with a paper based solution.

Web Manager Update - 16 November 2007

Content Management System "Web Manager" has been udpated to include new features such as strict XHTML content, which guarantees correctness of HTML mark up and ensures better accessibility.  The new HTML editor component has better support for HTML tables among many other improvements.  Other new features are the ability to embed YouTube and Google Videos, Flickr Slideshows, and Shockwave Flash files.  The new version of Web Manager is available as a free upgrade to all clients with a Web Manager support contract.

Microsoft Certified Partner - 20 July 2006

Veritest logoWeb Manager is now certified by Microsoft, having passed two of the platform tests by Veritest, namely "Windows Server 2003" and "Web Services + .Net Framework".  These technologies are the platform Web Manager is built on and have become the industry standard for the Windows environment. 

Logo for 'Web Manager' softwareWeb Manager Update - 7 February 2006

Organisations across Ireland are benefitting from the advantages of 'Web Manager', web site management software which enables non-technical users to update their web sites in seconds.

To view a sample of these sites, visit the following links:

Product Launch: 'Web Manager' - 8 July 2004

Tim's flagship web content management system 'Web Manager' has now officially been launched.  Many clients are already using this system to successfully maintain and expand their existing web sites.   Web Manager delivers scalable and secure content management for web sites with customised modules catering for the unique requirements of each organisation. 

Logo for Microsoft Empower ProgramMicrosoft Empower Program - 25 March 2004

Ibenza Software has been accepted into the Microsft Empower Program for Independant Software Vendor's. 

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