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Ibenza Software is a full service software development firm specialised in developing applications on the Microsoft.Net platform.  For more information please read the profile page.

South Anne Street PlansNews:

New Offices! December 2013

As part of our expansion plans, we have completed renovations at our new offices on South Anne Street, Dublin 2. Right in the heart of the city this is a great location close to our major clients and easy to get to. The new offices have plenty of room for our growing staff and should keep us going for the foreseeable future. South Anne Street is included with the Grafton Street Quarter development plans and will be transformed next year with new paving, pedestrian areas and tree planting.

Nokia / Microsoft - Sept 2013

Who wants a world with only two choices? Windows Phone has a market share of over 8% across major European markets, which is good news for the sector as a whole. The all important third player has a lot of catching up to do, and has made great progress with the help of Nokia's Lumia devices. The Lumia 1020 has set the standard for cameras (on any platform), with a 41 MP camera. Nokia have also planned to release a 'phablet' (phone/tablet) with a 6 inch screen in late October, this will probably be called the Lumia 1520. Although we can't see many people buying this size device as their primary phone, it has very interesting applications for field use as a mini tablet with 4G connectivity. With the Nokia Devices acquisition by Microsoft set to take effect in the new year, 2014 will prove to be a make or break year for the platform. Rumours that Nokia had plans to start using Android instead may have spurred on the Microsoft deal. One thing's for sure, they have a great line up of devices and here in the office we can't wait to get our hands on the new RT tablet when it comes out. Take a look at the youtube clip below of the lumia 1020 camera in action with National Geographic.

Nokia Lumia 1520Nokia Windows 8 RT TabletNokia Lumia 800 smartphone

Noka Lumia - announcing Windows Phone 7 smartphones - March 2012

The Windows Phone 7 platform is late to the game, but it is increasing its market share in Ireland thanks to the new range of Nokia Lumia smartphones, sold out in Ireland / UK / Finland. We've come to expect an Iphone app as standard from major online companies, and more recently an Android app. If you want to get ahead and supply your customers with a Windows Phone app to provide full platform coverage, contact us now. We have years of experience developing on the Microsoft mobile platform.

Dell Venue Pro smartphoneBord Bia Horticulture Farm Audits to use Windows Phone 7 app - Feb 2012

The Bord Bia horticulture farm auditors will shortly be using a Windows Phone 7 app to conduct Quality Assurance farm audits, using a Dell Venue Pro smartphone. The new devices features a slide out vertical keyboard for efficient data entry.


Tipperary Energy Agency logoTipperary Local Authority Housing Upgrades - August 2011

Ibenza has been awarded the contract to supply an information management system for a Local Authority Housing Upgrade system, in conjunction with the Tipperary Energy Agency. The system utilises automation to streamline document flow and contract generation.

HTC HD2 device used for auditingBord Bia Beef & Lamb Audits Go Mobile - September 2010

The largest quality schemes operated by Bord Bia are the Beef and Lamb Quality Assurance Schemes. Over 25,000 farm audits are conducted each year by Bord Bia, by an extensive panel of auditors. Audits conducted on the handheld devices (HTC HD2) are sent back to the server via 3G/EDGE at the end of each audit, on-site. This enables a significant reduction in the time required to certify a farm, and a major cost saving in printing and postage costs.

Bord Bia Poultry Audits Go Mobile - March 2010

Following on from the sucessful transition to a mobile auditing system for Bord Bia's horticulture audits, a similar system has been developed for the Poultry sector. The new system reduces the time spent on farm and implements significant cost savings for the client.

SERVE Project logoEco Village in Tipperary - SERVE Community - Feb 2010

Ibenza won the tender to develop an online tracking/management system to coordinate the activities of the Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment (SERVE) Project. The project is managed by the Tipperary Energy Agency, and aims to develop a sustainable region in North Tipperary through the implementation of actions in the field of sustainable energy. Actions include energy upgrades for existing dwellings, installation of renewable energy heating systems, development of an eco-village in Cloghjordan and the development of a district heating system. The online system developed has greatly reduced application/form processing times and allows inter-agency collaboration via an ASP.NET secure web interface.


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